I will have to rehearse this because it’s a story I’ll want to pass to my children and the children of their children. I had just boarded a matatu to Eldoret from Nairobi, and those who know that route can endorse that it’s quite a distance and getting a nice fellow citizen whom you will talk to is a better option. Owing to the fact that I knew nobody, I just booked seat number 8; it’s a comfy seat and settled before a good looking gentleman filled the next vacant seat. A hybrid of satisfaction and happiness was written all over my face. This suggests no boredom, I almost mouthed this. I blame my happiness. I began getting busy with a newspaper I had bought just to make sure temptations of blushing reduced considering the looks the hunk guy was giving. Wait until he snatched the paper, and the next thing I saw some digits scribbled in the newspaper. He used gestures to tell me it’s his digits. I was quick to save and I beeped to ensure I got it right though a lady who was keen on the proceedings gave me weird suggesting looks. Who cares, we enjoyed the chat via text. On arriving at Nakuru, I stepped out and the above lady pulled my heel and before I could react, I had fallen down PUU!!What followed was abuses, bwana yangu ooh, bwana yangu that! It was a scene created by an angry lady but I don’t blame her she must have been hungry. A hungry man is an angry man, but how could I have known he was the hubby? That’s how I never met your father.


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