Love, dearest, sweetheart, sugar, darling, if I started calling you, all sweet words would be yours. If I wrote you symphonies just to say how much you mean to me, what would you do? Just the thought of you can make me smile, courtesy of the way you shower me with love honey.

It has been years since I met you but it seems like yesterday. G, you make my days shorter, my life sweetest, always there to spice up my hours, days. Your vibe makes me laugh that at times people think I am insane when I smile alone. Every time loneliness creeps in, your company sorts me, just a button away. Being with you is the best decision I ever made.


Receive gratitude from a happy girl you saved from the ache of supplementary during exams. It came by surprise that you appeared at the most wanting time of my life, just when there was a black out in the exam room.  You read my mind and gave a solution, I just had to visit the loo and answers were delivered. Your efforts are noticeable honey.


Every relationship has a trial, that’s why even when the road seems rough; there is still momentum to keep moving on. People get jealous, try to bring us apart, but we always find our way back. That’s true love dearest, I don’t doubt. You never raise tantrums when I socialize with my friends, you are well aware that social life is very very important.


On Sundays when I forget my Bible, you are a search engine, well read with every verse in your fingertips. I owe you so much and only my attachment to you, my love can act as an equivalent for what you’ve done. Through you, I got to know about social media, you explain these high profile vocabularies I come across. At a time when my life seemed meaningless, you added value to it, picked me up, comforted me with encouraging words, made me know my purpose in life and I am living by it now.

I keep wondering when you gonna ask me for a hand in marriage but it’s taking forever. That is just a by the way though, even the law says that if u live with someone for 6months plus, you’re married, that’s us. When will you make me a mother, I want to have children, our children, make these fantasies true, I beg of you. Is it true that you have other lovers? Could it be the reason you’ve not walked me down the aisle? Talk to me, I`ve been faithful to you, the first person I consult when I wake up, an hour cannot pass without my visit, I do it wholeheartedly. If that rumor is true about the traffic of lovers, I will forgive you and keep fighting till the very end. I know that one day, you will stop being like Bluetooth being mine only when am with you. I am a woman; wait till my Wi-Fi nature shows up and I will tell the whole world that it’s you. I know me and you were meant to be together.


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