Some say farming is the key to life, others say a challenge is the ticket to survival, and even others strongly feel that owning an Aston martin one-77 is everything. There is even this version that Margaret Kenyatta `ana nywele fupi, Patricia Kihoro alifuata nyayo, wewe shinda hapo na weaves’ (first lady has short hair, so does Patricia continue putting weaves). That is how free the freedom of expression is. How about you try the A version for a break?



Not so long ago, God saved me to an extent I will live to testify. It was a time when I experienced a split second of `madam, pesa, kibeti na simu ama tukumade’ (it is money, purse and phone or we deal with your neck) with the muggers tools on my neck. Just to confirm your guesses, I love money but I chose life. There are people who preferred to Adam and Eve the rules but injuries did not escape the.



From then, I thought my life had changed negatively, I mean, no phone, no money, just the clothes I had on. It then hit me that come Kidero come Waititu, I will never get the lost things back, and it was time I got used to the beats.



Come to think of it, many people were injured and out of 14 or so passengers, just 2 of us were able to narrowly escape unhurt. Isn’t that favor? While the other lady had no idea of a place to spend the night, I just appeared at my pal’s doorstep and she took me in. While the property may be gone, I still have my life, health and energy to work and get even better things.



Attitude towards things take you to a land of great opportunities, a world of peace, a planet where you hear an Amen in Satan’s kingdom.


`Hapa kule baze’ is my former lunch spot; we are no longer having lunch there again. My pal jokes that even though that was the only place food existed, she would rather wait for manna. Yesterday we went and ordered as usual. It took the waitress 10mins to serve us and when she did, our ears stretched to listen to how much she was complaining under the waters. We assumed it was one of her bad days but the assumption lasted till we realized how cold the food was. With no due respect, we held our tools down and walked preaching how badly we had been treated. If only that lady had the right attitude towards her work. `Biashara ni customers’ ask Bob Collymore.



Apply the right attitude in all that you do, it surely will take you home.



ION, life is a gift and not a given right, do not take that for granted. Enjoy your Thursday.


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