You have to kiss many frogs before you met prince charming is a phrase I apply, blame my thirst for getting the best dad for my kids. After the ton of disappointment from the facebook guy, I felt like asking for lollipops I had given Julia although my ethic instincts pulled me back. It was time to get a better strategy in search of someone better. While awaiting the K.C.S.E. results, I enrolled for some short courses; I hear it works a great deal in avoiding instances of replacing the house girl at home.


 I would get up every morning and head to school enthusiastically with the urge of coming across him. This was suggested by my dressing code, I had now divorced sneakers, bandanas and refrained from stealing my little sister’s dresses replacing them with shorts and heels. In fact, I missed lunch and trekked to school, just to save in efforts of spicing up my wardrobe. From my research, it was crystal clear that men are attracted to ladies who dress in a sexy way; by all means I had to strive for such a look.



In class, I made sure to walk in when everyone was settled; this way my heels would work miracles in catching their attention. If this failed to work, I would fake a call and walk outside pretending how urgent it was. Indeed, the heels did wonders as the tutor got to know my name. For your information, he is a tall dark guy who seemed wealthy. The looks did not bother me, my target was his wealth.




During his lessons, I would build castles in the air on our family, `Mr. and Mrs. Omondi’s family or if you like Omosh’s family. My life would change for the better, getting free rides to school and therefore no worries of acquiring `maskwembe’. With the good reputation of the Luo community, he would spoil me like nonsense and this would get me out of the `mtumba’ club to shopping in Mr. Price. I would try my best to answer questions in class even if it meant doing irrelevant answers, what mattered most is that my presence was recognized.




On his 1st day, he scribbled his digits on the board and said that he liked it when students notify him if one could not make it to class; otherwise, it broke his heart when he came to class only to find quarter of students absent. At times, I would miss classes intentionally as that would pave way for him getting my texts. The text would flow like `morning sir Omondi, it was my sincere wish to attend the 11am class but due to unavoidable circumstances sadly I will not be present. Yours sincerely, Mumbi’. This message would be sent after a hundred and one reviews, God knows how anxious I got waiting for the reply; he never disappointed. `Okay Mumbi, enjoy your day. Thanks for the update’.




The next day, it would be my pleasure of sharing with school buddies how Omondi texted me. This motivated me to shift 100%energy in his subject, doing extra work and taking for marking, the primary school way. Something told me this was an added bonga point to the existing points of my sexy shorts, classy mtumba heels not to leave out my great participation in class.



On Friday after my visit to the library, it was time to get home for lack of a plot. All that was in my head was Math on how I would trek to save for a boutique heel. Something made me shift from my line of thoughts, I had spotted my target in a hotel and there and then made up my mind to spend the sh. 50 I was planning to save on a smokie, it was the only thing that matched my cash to the menu. I almost hugged him on the realization that he was all alone, no lady in the picture.



Me: hey teacher, you also visit my favorite hotel? Wow! Anyway, I came to grab a dish here and     spotted you.

Omondi: very good madam, I am honored.

Just then, a lady approached the table and Omondi was quick to speak, sweetheart (I almost fell due to happiness, although this lasted 15seconds) meet one of my students Mumbi, she came to buy a dish and decided to say hi. The sweetheart said that it was a pleasure meeting me, wishing me a nice weekend.




Why is the world so unfair? I thought my sexy shorts and mtumba heels would win him.


Find out whether the project of `boutique heels’ pushed through in the next episode.


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