PhotoGrid_1408168209478THE SWEETEST MESSAGE.

So today is my birthday and the first message I see when I get up is from my mum followed by my all-time bank KCB and that’s when I realize that it is my big day. The anniversary for the day I emerged victoriously from my mum’s womb and something makes me feel that my parents were happier than the Indian lady when she got married to that Luhya man. Well, they vow to love me, take care of me and let me know God; I can tell they were sincere from the photos taken during my baptism. Time waits for no man, years developed wings, flew and today, they have made a stopover at 21 in Mumbi’s territory.

I cannot thank God enough for making it possible for me to see yet another year; you know life is a gift and not a given right. I will eternally be grateful for all the blessings He showers me with, a good life and even for the struggles casted on me because in a way more than one, they helped me realize the notions of life’s bitter sweet reality.  I appreciate the days of success which will forever be happy memories and even the times of failure which made me discover my areas of weaknesses. There are those times of joy when the sun shone and times of sorrow that made me turn to Him.

For that past year, I want to seek forgiveness Lord for the hours I wasted, the opportunities you presented to me but I failed to act upon them. Walk with me so that this year can be the best I have ever had, and through it bring good credit to myself, pride and happiness to my loved ones, and ecstasy to me.

For the friends God brought to my life I am grateful. Well, some are real others fake but the best thing is, through their acts it becomes easy to sieve and separate them. I know those who walked away just gave me a chance to experience grade A friendship from better ones. Sometimes I am not so good a friend, especially when I reveal very sensitive issues about my pals, when I diss them once in a while, fail to call and text them, but that’s part of being human; there are good and bad days.

We never get to choose family and my family is just the best; my parents, siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles, grannies, everyone. The past year has opened forums to meet with those I knew not and it’s my wish that this New Year I meet even an added number. In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.

It is because of God, mentors, friends, critics that my writing talent is rising to greater heights. All of them have been a source of inspiration in one way or the other. I don’t know many of you physically because we are connected by social networks but that like, comment, share, and criticism just makes me triple happy. You make my posts look extra ordinary.

My wish for this New Year is to be a better person and make the world the best place. For today among other activities, I am determined to beat the MASTER in scrabble. Happy birthday MUMBI. I loves you infinitely and unconditionally. Just know that if you’ve got nothing, you’ve got us; me and me.



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