Today as I was having my meditation session, something crossed my thoughts; in this life full of valleys and bumps there are some indispensable things that are very hard to acquire. If we would borrow from economics and nickname them scarce resources. Now you know I have done some bits of Economics, LOL. Put on an expectant mind and get down to the listings:



  1. True love:

Yesterday my pal asked me a question which would have seen me score an E (-) were it for an exam. She asked whether I like it while single or in relationship. I will give you the chance to guess my answer but basically this is tricky question but the bottom line is, both of them have pros and cons. The best experience though when in a relationship and supposedly should be true love which is hard to get especially in this `pick and drop’ era where love is misused. There are other benefits fetched from a relationship like sex but the ugly truth is this is a readily available element; talk of FWB, one night stand, NSA. Let’s just say the point is home already.




  1. Real friends:

They say you cannot choose family but for friends, you make a choice. Getting that `a friend in need is a friend indeed’ pal can take forever. You know, a pal who will not only be there for you during pizza and IMAX moments but also when you are in CDS (Cash Dry Spell). Recently, a cousin to my pal had great company of girlfriends until she broke the news of her pregnancy. They disowned her, made her feel like the biggest sinner, at that very time when she needed them. Yes, getting a real pack of allies is a biggie.



  1. The Proverbial 31 woman and man.

The many shows run by Maina Kageni, expounds on why acquiring the aforesaid is like a baptism of fire. She/he is quandary because of a cheating partner, because she got into that marriage due to pregnancy, because he cannot stop beating her up, because he cannot satisfy him, et cetera. For those who have been following the series I run of `how I never met your father’, it demonstrates the kind of situations ladies go through before settling for marriage. Getting a compatible partner and a true love is kind of a catch 22 situation, big up to those who have a ring on their fingers!!!!



We are competing for the scarce resources, join the race and grab these commodities. My meditation session was awesome, you may add to the list.



Coming up: Metamorphosis in Campus. KEEP POSTED!!!!



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