I am older that free texts commonly honey coated as crazy sms, which have completely changed the eyes if not the entire face of communication and social life. You step into a gathering and everyone is in there smart and ugly phones, students long for that lecturer to pause dictating notes and passengers cannot wait for the `wannne wane kama pk’(four four like pk) system to end, otherwise, it interrupts their texting. From crazy sms, to whatsapp, to viber, to twitter to fb and finally to et cetera, texting cannot get any better.



While still at texting, there is a certain syndrome that has infected very many people. How about we mention the viruses thereof:



  • Replacement of s with x, t with d, etc.

Immediately after high school, peer influence made me a loyal user of these, well because I thought this was a classy way of spicing up my texting. It was not until someone opened my inner eyes and I realized how shabby this was, I mean if one texts you using those, you think hard to make the information sent sink. Xaxa mxupa, danks 4 e +. For the users of this, you have already murdered, yes, you just killed English.



  • K:

This means okay and is commonly used in movies but people have taken it to another level by applying it in texts. From my findings, a good number finds this rude and those who use it confessed that they are moved by anger or boredom to utilize it. One guy asked, `what does it cost one to type okay. You would think the charges are charged per letter’.



  • Writing in the manner words are pronounced.

`nowanda tiz not de rait spelling. Tis nobodies bisnes. Dis r de wads, tafa than neva’. It is not a bad idea to let the world know that you are perfect in pronunciation, but seriously, hardly will people pat on your back you when the spelling is pathetic. I received the above message, and I had to ask the sender for the sheng’ interpretation, only to realize that that was English.



The best thing about these viruses is that there is a ready medicine to eliminate them and it is free.




  1. Hey Mumbi, am new here so i hope you won’t mind if i go thru all your posts and leave generous comments everywhere 🙂
    Yah, this text thing is rather shabby. Am the kindof guy who uses ‘however, nevertheless, procastinate, insinuate,commodious’ in text messages…and am okay with that.
    Frankly i call such knd of ‘texters’ with their xaxa,xoxo n ask them to “kindly refrain fom using such terms” while texting me!!

    • hey Denno. Am a great fun of your page. your pieces are just the best men.
      Yes, you can go through all my posts, i wouldn’t mind comments, critics, anything. Welcome to my blog, I can’t thank you enough for checking in.
      about this text thing, finally we are many sailing in the same boat.

  2. Hahahaha…I can relate to all this. It is quite the turn off.. and so much work trying to decipher what someone meant. Some even loose sight of what texting is all about and use words that are longer than the original…sth like “quendar huko”

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