I am just from church as I type this and with me is my pal Enna. We are at my place after I dragged her into giving a helping hand as I pick a collection of clothes to carry to a school trip whose destination was Tanzania. We took approximately 2.5hours getting the ideal set after 3times of unpacking (you know how girls are) and yes, am good to go. Moved by the fact that finally I’ll get a chance to `vuka border’ (cross border), passing by Kisumu and Western Kenya (will I be a local tourist for once?) I pour all my happiness to Enna who by the road is being left behind. Things run out of control and what I say makes her wanna shed a tear; above is her photo at that emotional state. Well, well, well, my bragging mode only lasted till this harmonica sound (my message ringtone) comes from my phone. On checking it is our class rep texting `wasee izeni Mwangi (our lecturer) anadai eti basi ziko nje zote na haziwezi fika shule kesho……saa trip hakuna mpaka next week’ (hope I don’t have to translate that.

Enna can now afford a smile as I bulge like Mandazi, whoever said pride comes before a fall must have used me as a test tool. Seriously, after months of postponement, days of fantasizing, hours of packing, and all my classmates and I receive are minutes of disappointment? That’s why I’ll do something on mismanagement, a case study of Moi University. How was the introduction?

Ever since I joined this institution, there have been dark and bright days; my focus however is on the dark days. Firstly, our reporting dates as first years were changed twice, inconveniencing both parents and the new comers. After successfully putting a full stop to that last paper of 1st year, we were to continue with 2nd year immediately but after week of hanging around school, a memo ordered us to leave till further notice. If Moi University was a movie by the way, further notice (F.N.) would be the starring. The further notice got a namesake called 6.5months.

I happen to be in a school that became the sacrificial lamb after the aforesaid months and we were ordered to shift to school of Law (Annex), and God knows that the results of our profit and loss account was a net loss(hint: the transfer expenses). Our semester was 7months old, did I just say months? I meant weeks whereby 5weeks were in annex and 2weeks in main campus. Finally, we were back to our territory after weeks of exile, courtesy of a go slow. Well, we finished our 2nd year peacefully and sent home till another F.N., our starring at hand.

The F.N. got yet another name sake and this time it was 9 freaking months. The F.N. around here happen in every sector FYI; from classes, to C.A.Ts, to exams, to reporting dates, to elections to go slows to strikes to what else and finally to et cetera and et cetera.

Well, management is a very crucial part of life. You realize that it affects performance in ways more than one. If management lacks performance level hits negative. Anyway, management is a narration for another day. I am glad this platform has allowed me to relieve these frowns killing me inside. How I wish Moi University’s VC, deans, Mwangi and the whole lot of Management read this (any idea of their emails, FB name?)

Good afternoon buddies. Those comfort messages will do.


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