It’s a new month, October, a month with added benefits from September. Unlike last month, this one has at least one holiday; the Mashujaa Day which will be an extended holiday as it falls on a Monday. Today I want to try my hand in motivating, I just hope it does work (Mumbi puts on that serious face).

Have you ever imagined where you could be if you didn’t fail that one time? If you weren’t rejected at least once? Many are the times we have those wakeful nights just because of a broken relationship, an empty pocket, you are single, you could not afford to go for safaricom sevens, etc. what we fail to know is that that which you consider a challenge will come with a package of benefits if you react positively to those encounters and say bring them on!!

I don’t know every verse of the Bible but I am sure that even Jesus had challenges thus what we go through is not extra ordinary; it is just normal. A lady will complain that she no longer FINDS value for her life because every relationship she gets into lasts no longer that 2months. What if such a person switched on the positive channel (channel P on Zuku…LOL)? This channel will allow one to view the break ups as a way of doing a self-analysis, dig the negatives that lead to the break ups and iron out these in the next relationship. See this as a learning ground because you now understand the alphabet of relationship; I would always buy that maturity is measured not by the number of birthdays one has heard but by the experience one has been through. Come on, get positive.

After getting my admission letter to campus, I did what everyone else did; applied for HELB. Of course I did lie about details here and there just to increase the chances of getting 60,000 and I was just not sure but more than sure of getting the amount. `Mtaka yote hukosa yote’ visited me and my application was rejected. I kept going to anniversary towers, four times in number and the results were bitter fruits. Finally, it was time to give up but the million dollar question was, where will I get an extra coin to consume on co-curricular needs or did I have to ask my parents for money to go out and the like???I declared that this HELB was not a do or die thing. It is when I started getting broke that I was forced to think outside the box.

What side hustle could I take up? While in high school, I would sell handkerchiefs, after high school and before campus, I would sell mtumba bags and rubber shoes but now due to change of geographical location, this had to be replaced. I did lots of research and came across online writing jobs and settled for the idea due to my liking for research and passion for writing. There was a problem though; I had no laptop. A pal of mine, Masha (I will forever be grateful for this) introduced me to this online writing; he was a 3rd year student then. He was already doing these jobs and thus would do some delegation of work, research using my phone, write on a piece of paper and take to him for typing and later submission. He trained me, nurtured me, and paid me sh200 per page; not everyone does this. That is how I earned my first coin in campus triggered by lack of HELB.

When I went for my one week holiday before my 1.2 semester, I explained to dad how work in campus was much and hence acquiring a laptop was essential. He promised and honored the promise to get me one (and you still ask why he is one in a trillion?) I got a boss who paid me sh. 150 per page, although we fell out after sometime. I remember doing a 7page assignment and that boss failing to pay me. That however did not make me stop writing, I thanked God that through our work contract, I had gained experience; experience can never be bought. Well, that is life, we have to take risks to get places. I got other bosses; some were good, others moderate, and others not so good, but I thank God for the experience. I now do projects; from diplomas, to degrees, to masters but that would not have been possible if I put a full stop to the hustle after not receiving payment. Edu, you are one of a kind boss.

Challenges shape us. Just before you begin complaining that the challenges are too much, think of how to get the best out of it. I like challenges; they are part of what make life fun, what is life without challenges anyway?

Blessed Tuesday buddies.




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