I am 100%sure of my 6.4’ height when there is a boost called 6inch heel; otherwise my height is wanting and I call that A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Shall all the short fellows shout an Amen!!! (Rehearsing on my pastoral skills). So I had one heaven or is it hell of a Saturday afternoon in school; with most people in my inner circle away, going to the library was just a recommendation. Yes I have to study for my December papers but the moods for studying are again wanting. I hope against disappointments that maybe, just maybe, a plot will come by. Everyone who meets me cannot help but notice my head to toe boredom-ness. I reside a bit far from the library and thus walking is just a must.

On arrival to stage, the Moi University renowned shopping centre…….no not shopping Centre, (it’s always a mall in my dreams), I catch up with some two gentlemen who seem to float in the same boat as I. so here is how it goes:

Man 1: machal gi fresha(this one looks like a fresher)…….pointing at me with his thumb finger.

Unlucky them who think that I don’t understand Luo because I do. I once had a crush called Mr Omosh and thus I was ready to learn a bit of the language. (Get to know of Omosh in how I never met your father episode 2).

Man 2: yes, we can do the hitting. (He slows down and says hi).

Me: hey….. (As I extend a friendly handshake).

Man 2: I am Enock.

Man 1: call me Robert.

Me: (playing dumb) okay, good.

Man 1: mmmh, this is the point you are supposed to tell us your name.

Me: Mary. (I always lie this when I am lying)

Man 2: pleasure Mary. So where to on a Sato afte?

Me: (do I say the lib, hell no, they may have a plot). Its market day, so I am headed to Mabatini village (our five star market on Saturday known as Mabz when some swag is added).

Man 1: turns out you are headed in the wrong direction. (Deep down in me it’s true).

Me: really?

Man 1: yes, we can show you the way to Mabz Mary, of course if you don’t mind; we are aware Moi University is big.

Man 1: when we were in first year, we were just as confused.

Me: yes, that would be so good of you.

(We change direction).

Inside me, laughter is building up, you know the kind of build up one gets when being tickled but I have to retain it. When we are few metres away from the destination, I notice a classmate from far and he smiles from afar. The kind of smile though is that which tells you that the smiler cannot wait to say hi. I encounter those `I wish I knew moments’ wishing that I had prayed that my classmate keeps the conversation short, brief and non-suggestive of my year.

Classmate: Mumbi, siku mingi……kumbe you re back to school? ( Mumbi long time, so you are back to school?)

Me: (feeling irritated) yes I am.

It turns out that my classmate knows my escorts.

Classmates: niaje majamaa….huyu ndiye yule MUMBI wa articles…..kumbe mnajuana? (Hey boys…..this is the Mumbi who write articles. So you know her?)


I wish I had to conclude that this was a dream but no….it is the REALITY. At that very moment, I wished that there were cameras around to announce that `UMENASWA WEEE!!!

My Sato afternoon wasn’t that bad though!!!

Enna, Pat, ni shule mtarudi!!!!!


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