Credit matters first, this story could not be on point without my personal girlfriend Enna. THANKS DEAR!!!

Wahenga walisema, kuishi kwingi, kuona mengi (I realize that this is the far I can go in a Kiswahili article), like the English men said, the more you live, the more the experience and this is 100% applicable. So Busia is in the Kenya-Uganda border and yes, this is just a place you ought to visit to experience hilarious moments on a whole new level. Let us meet the odds.



Around this place, clubs are many many many and my point of reference is club pines in Busia, Uganda which from the look of things happens to be the best club. My pal gets in and wonders whether it is a modified wines and spirit place or something because there are no tables. The place can be equaled to a church, only that there is no cross sign. Firstly, the DJ is like the pastor because he keeps saying `Kenyans karibuni’, considering there are no tables, there is a large empty space which is preserved for dancing. The dancing though is more of presentations of choirs and dance groups but the performances I must say are great and crazy with lady friends (if I may get polite) representing performances to the fullest. The funny bit is people flock here to an extent of those who are not lucky enough to secure seats sacrificing to stand, otherwise they will miss the choir moments…lol.

Then the drinks here have funny, then funnier then the funniest names. though my classmate keeps questioning what guarana is, around this place, the light drinkers rock with some energy drink called……wait for it…..p***y energy drink. I am not kidding by any means.

Enough of the club manenos……you guys should just visit this place.




The restaurants are okay but a bit different from those in Kenya in some ways. My point of reference is Lola Guest House. So the menu is brought and you get to order your meal; let’s say rice fish and you can’t wait to cut short your screaming `minyoos’ (worms). You see the waiter bringing to your table rice fish and ugali matoke and you assume that just maybe rice fish has got a different interpretation in Ugandan language. Upon asking for an explanation, it is made clear that that is how food is served here, order one, get two plates……I know some of you feel like flying there for supper today.

Taxis are matatus around this place, and the bodaboda (read bicycle cyclers) have uniforms.

Lodgings and bars are the order of the day BTW.

IT ONLY HAPPENS IN BUSIA, UGANDA.  One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.




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