I know it has been eons since I `tetemeshad’ you with one of my pieces, now, no more of holding your horses. As I type this, I am somewhere in the library trying to hit the books and oh, sometimes studies suck.  On the bright side though there is a `can be couple’ spicing up my stay in the lib as the gent does his best in boxing in the pretty lady. They are somewhat first years from the school of education; the fact that they had carried their books in paper bags hinted that. The guy seems very determined to box her in; not that I was eavesdropping but I forgot my earphones today. The pick-up lines this gent is utilizing are awe-inspiring…..`maze si leo umedunga, hadi unakaa photocopy wa malaika’. (You are so smartly dressed today that you are like an ANGEL’S photocopy). Lol…..I had to laugh on this.

This reminded me that campus is a nice place, actually one of the best places to land after spending years in a high school setting. Every day I spend in campus makes my list on `why campus is a place to grow’ longer, how about we proceed to some pointers.


First years have the funniest dress codes around. They would rock in some amusing mixes of maxi dress and pencil trousers, a short and a skirt (maybe the short acts as the hot pant), official wear and reebok shoes, tee-shirt on top of a shirt; just crazy dress codes but my dress my choice prevails in every aspect, right?

However, as time flies, the muumuu channel switches slowly and for the better. Is this not growing? My pals keep enjoying me how I would rock in blue plastic shoes A.K.A furifuri to class and just seem intact; today I use them for my karate lessons.


I still have my high school letters somewhere and they are just rib cracking especially when reread at this time. Those yori yori dedications, the when I see you my heart goes paragasha, you are the only bean in my githeri, when I think of you I cannot sleep or eat, and many more.

After joining campus, men adjust these to better ones and instead on the pimpop they would buy girls to win their hearts, they upgrade to a plate of chips, panty removers, if not getting a mark x for her. Campus is surely a learning ground.


90% of campus students scored for the first time or lost a cherry in campus grounds or during their time in campus. While in high school, students could visit porn sites for viewing on sex styles and those `bad manners’ things but things changed after joining campus. Here, the highest percentage have mastered these styles and are almost pursuing their PHD. The skills we gain are still part of growing skill wise or so I suppose.


The anti-social people elevate their sociability levels when they come to campus, especially because of the circumstances presented to them and after it dawns on them that one cannot live alone. You need people to borrow money during cash dry spell days, to copy exams from when there is a total blackout in the exam room, to sign attendance lists for you when hangover prevails, NO MAN IS AN ISLAND anyway. In campus, people grow socially in many aspects although there are those who remain anti-social till death do them apart.


In campus, the hungers of money are thousands and we have to keep up with this. Campus though has countless opportunities which if utilized can breed money, like there is a hostel in my university referred to as a mall due to its self-sustenance features. Want omena, hot chapatti, onions, printing, pregnancy kits, they are all available. It is not always that our guardians provide us with every coin we want to spend especially on co-curricular activities hence money making skills come up. Nowadays though, some campus ladies have taken up the money fetching doings that rotate around dons as men roll with sugar mummies.

If you go to campus and don’t grow in any dimension, then chances are you are just in the wrong place. For now, let me kick some ass in scrabble.



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