Moaning and complaining are hardly among my bits of reaction but when some situations trigger that, the best I would do is to submit. These fellas who walk heads high with music playing loudly from their gadgets, do they sometime piss you off? A good number of the people I asked agreed that this is a WHOLE new level of turn off mechanism, an irritation, yes playing that tinny music in public is not a very good idea. I therefore dedicate this especially to my dear beings who do this; I will not refer to them as chavs like my pal does; nevertheless some bad habits need to be put through a sieve.

Yes, Plato says that music is a moral law that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Music is good, it gives hope to the hopeless, comfort the heartbroken, motivates, entertains, kills time, but just like the dissimilar purposes it serves so do people have different tastes. Imagine you board a bus and you can’t wait to catch a nap, you sit next to a man who plays loud crappy music of a language you cannot relate, don’t you loath that he pressed enter? That he is making it a personal mission to ruin your life? Don’t you feel like lending him your earphones?

There is this pack of individuals who are very convinced that they have a great taste for music. As much as this could be quarterly true, not everyone will like what you put on the table or will an old lady from the deepest village enjoy Vybz Kartel songs? The answer is no…all she will hear is dush dush dush. The best thing to do is rush to the nearest shop and purchase earphones, they are very affordable anyway.

A good number of young adults and teen-agers fall victims of this bad habit. You find some playing music ringtones over the phone speaker as a makeshift stereo.  It could be that such people want to own the space but for the sake of Pete, it is very obnoxious to grab space in this manner.

We are sick of such behaviors; on the bright side though ear/headphones or related gadgets are available. Consider taking a second though the next time you press play to loud music in public, especially if it’s just a bunch of profanities strung together.



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