After weeks of sit in CATs, trillion assignments, and exams that are yet to end, my buddies and I decided to go chill in town on Saturday, they say work hard play hard, don’t they? There came a moment when our stomachs’ began growling; a nice way of signaling that we ought to feed. We were not so broke and not so loaded, we were in between there and this is allowable for students, right? We thus took up the idea of walking down town to a hotel they sell fish at evenhanded prices since we had all the time in the world.

After walking for a while, one lady dropped through (literally), then another before the gents were left with no option but to bear with us proposing that we should just do the next hotel we would come across. We found one that looked a bit classy settled for it and took seats at one corner. One guy shouted to the waiter in a way that waved that we could eat a horse between two bread vans. He brought us the menu and the cheapest meals were fries special at 150, fries TA at 110 and fries plain at 100. Due to matters of the pocket, the 110 meal was the best because as the price indicated, it was neither special nor plain; don’t we like in between things?

The waiter looked back and asked whether we really wanted fries TA after which one guy replied `brathe changamka, leta fries man’. I felt the urge to ask what that TA was composed off but chose to take a chill pill; from the look of things the rest of the people seemed to know. 2minutes, 3minutes and we saw the waiter bringing five black paper bags to our table of what seemed to be packed food.

On realization, TA meant take away. Ha ha ha ha ha.

MORAL: You should know the menu or better still swallow your pride and ask if not sure of the meal. Like I spotted a menu with listings such as chafua, tembelea, kanyanga, number 1, number 16, number 3.

HAVE A SUPERB MONDAY. Don’t be very mean, you could throw me an invite for Christmas.


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