Guilty as charged, I have been away for a month; I waited for you guys to come up with #whenmumbiwasaway until I realized that’s a dream gone RED DEVILS and decided to have a comeback. My apologies for that one month though; it was caused by reasons you cannot guess. I missed you like crazy, you have no idea.

My weekend was spiced up, what we label as a chilling weekend in this day and age. Partying, hiking, all weekend is not what I was up to; I went to see my parents. It had been 2 months since I paid them a visit and looking at how happy they were made me contemplate on a number of things. A good fraction of us dwell in towns and claim to be busier than busy and that the only time available for seeing parents is during Jesus’ birthday.  Till last weekend, I could buy this claim but then after considering that `we create time and where there is a will there is a way’ it’s not on my purchase list anymore. If you can find time to go for a road trip to Coast from Nanyuki, why not a day or two to hook up with your family?

As our parents catch up with age; the best way they can age gracefully and in a stylish manner is when they are joyful and we are capable of being their source of joy. Sometimes it’s clear how family is not among our first class priorities until `you never know the value of anything until you lose it’ hits on you. Yes, our pals’ birthdays are well memorized and stored in the birthday folder but you have no idea when your parents’ birthdays are.  You will go out of your way to wish the friend of your friend a happy anniversary for the two years they have dated in college, yet for the 39years your parents have been in marriage you have never dropped a happy anniversary text. What is more funny is that our parents finance say your girlfriend’s birthday indirectly after lying how badly you need 3000 for a field trip.

my mum and I. after dragging dad to take this......

Our folks need that love around them; visit them, take their grandchildren there once in a while; let the kids breath the `shagz’ air, eat `cucu’s’ bananas and hear grandpa’s stories. They know you have a smart or ugly phone but notifying your chat mates that it’s a me-parents’ time never killed anyone. Otherwise, what sense does it make when you are there physically and mentally in Dubai? Listen to their pieces of advice, they say `kuishi kwingi kuona mengi’ (he who has lived longer knows much), show them a bit of technology so that slowly by slowly they drop that analog title. Let them fill that Naivas shopping bag you brought shopping with with bananas, sweet potatoes, cabbage.

Trust me it is very fulfilling to visit your roots; you will not only be happy but you will be a source of joy to them. Let us not go out there and forget that our parents should be somewhere at the top of our priorities; it goes without saying that they need us. Remember you landed that job because they worked hard and paid your school fees. What more can I add?


Have a Super Duper Tuesday. This book `Men are from Mars and Women from Venus’*CHECK.



  1. watyriwambu says:

    Mama and Papa looking soo digital… Haha, look at how my uncle is trying to strike a selfie pause. Great read 🙂

  2. joel wanjau says:

    Add nothing Mumbi… umegonga ndipo..mimi Ni first victim..mmmm…it has put some sense in me…pewa Ile kubwa baridi…hehe

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