This 8-4-4 thing is almost being declared finally for us, this being our very last semester God willing. The most important thing that I (we) shall miss is that pocket money from our parents but hey it’s been 16 years of `nipe’; time to chase the paper. This being my last semester, I disobeyed the opening days just a little bit by reporting one day after, and that qualifies to be an achievement of the decade. Classes have barely started, my squad is absent as they are way very disobedient, and that’s why good girl A.K.A GG is my baptismal name this semester. New baby faces are all over a signal that freshers are around and it clicks in my `medulla oblongata’ (#TBT) that there is this mission that must be actualized. These newbies are very energetic, ushering you at stage (Moi’sUni-city) as they enjoy roasted maize:`welcome to UasinGishu, the land of maize and mursik’. In matters pocket, aren’t these gents loaded? (Sorry, I am not sure about the girls, blame my gender). I think out loud and like a typical girl from Central Kenya, MISSION POSSIBLE BEGINS.

There is this forever and ever perception of how freshers look and behave as compared to the other campus gurus. My height is wanting but you cannot confuse me to Nicodemus thanks to my current blow-dried hair styled `Musondo’, and the fact that climbing trees is not my bustle. Dozens of comrades have mistaken me for a new comer; this may hurt but never crush my heart, cheers to never growing old. Blame game comes to my rescue; they have all the right to mistake me for a fresher because my sense of direction is equivalent to Judas Iscariot, it betrays me. Even after four years in campus, sometimes it is only Google map that saves the day. Nevertheless, I am older than `mgomowawalimu’. (Teachers’ strike).

Do i like like a fresher? the `musondo' though

Do i like like a fresher? the `musondo’ though

Throwing back to 2012, my year mates and I were fresh as a stroll in the beach, eager to explore, determined to take home first class honors, and our level of excitement was taller than heaven. We met total freedom face to face, out of our parents’ cribs, free to decide what to put on, what language to speak, what church to attend, what liquid to take, who to murder time with, liberty was just looking at us in awe. Orientations came and passed, freshers’ night followed suit, classes began, but `ponyokana fresher’ (disappear with a fresher) said a bit longer. Out of naivety, most of us entered the box wholeheartedly courtesy of the seniors throwing appetizing lines (kutupamistari) to our ears. We got into it with the hope that these men were heaven sent, that we were meant to be, that if everything happens for a reason, that coming to campus was to meet this life partner. Before long, hope seemed not to be a strategy when one night stand ceased being a vocabulary, when we became victims of hit and run, but somehow there was still a little faith left. Faith that life is not perfect, that one has to kiss many frogs to find prince charming and some of us never learnt, they continued rolling in the games. Sleep overs continued, then moving in followed, and Mr. and Mrs. Chemistry was the everyday experiment until the result Ms. Chemistry was born 9months later. To others diseases came along, others slipped, and a few remained strong with the word of Life. Sometimes life has to teach us, most times we do things innocently but life has to continue no matter what. The most important thing is that the gift of life is here with us and with God in it; these challenges are mountains that we can climb.

Fast forward to my coming back to school early; it has to pay, my mission MUST go through. Whoever cooked that age is just a number will remain my best chef. My mission is to build and not to destroy, to touch a heart, to make someone life’s better, to try something new, to make the best out of my last semester.

The onlyhint I can give you is that north, south, there is a HE in the picture. Just what is my mission? Find out in the next post…..

ION….My love for you guys never grows old…..I LOVE YOU. Keep posted, share the posts, comment and may blessings follow you. LIVE FULLY, DIE EMPTY.


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