It’s been a while. Actualizing a mission is never that easy, now I can relate to Eric Omondi’s mission of adding weight. My phone memory has been flooded with messages, plethora of photos from `whatsapp’; not the kind of `Elnino’ floods. Classes have started, project is here with us, not forgetting my mission…girls and multitasking. B.T.W. if you thought `musondo’ is my trademark, sorry very (pole sana), I decided to do a weave to spice up my` fresher’s’ looks.


Without a `he’ subject my mission cannot go through. Giving up was almost my portion until I decided to draw darkness (kuchora giza). Who pursues a mission without setting up strategies? Now that they equaled me to a fresher, I am living up to it. First, I will frequent the places freshers never miss: attend picnics, orientations, fresher’s night; I am one of them…screw age/height. On my way to pavilion, which is a picnic venue, I happened to pass by a shop at Ngeria (the most prestigious hostels in Moi) where the most senior students reside. I was in tights and that made me look like a form 2 student (teachers were on strike, right?). My craving for queen cakes was too much to not offer 20 bob at Ngeria shop. There was this guy who would not stop staring at me but spoke at last `si utanyongwa, si nikununulie kaescort’. If I were a 4th year, my `matusi’ (abuse) tap would start flowing applying those `miss independent’ phrases but no, I chose to play along. God knows how badly my throat missed a drink but out of courtesy my reply was:

ME: But nitachelewa kwenda picnic, siku ingine. (But I will get late for the picnic, next time).

HIM: Naitwa Dan BTW, na wewe? (I’m Dan, you?)

ME: Mimi ni Rahab but nimezoeshwa Rahe. (I am Rahab but people are used to Rahe)

HIM: Labda tunaweza exchange numbers tutafutane siku ingine sitaki uchelewe picnic. (Maybe we could exchange numbers for the sake of next time so that you don’t get late for picnic).

Charitably, I gave him my number and saved his. By the look of my `4th year’ eyes, he was a 4th or 5th year. I had many potential candidates and according to their applications, Dan fitted the best for this mission. Slowly by slowly, I dumped the rest and blocked them. This tall, chocolate guy with a great sense of fashion, whose Colgate smile alone is a turn on and resembles Sauti Sol’s BN from voice to toe, is the one my mind was sticking to.

We began chatting as he asked how the picnic was, what year I am and where I reside. The picnic was nice, 1st year, stage, was my response. Anyone who resided at stage rented a house as there are no school hostels there. He told me that he lived at Ngeria hall 3 and that he was a 5th year. Just what I needed. Can I take you for a lady’s night on Wednesday? He asked. These men know freshers very well and how they will be overly excited with the thought of being taken to town. Town? I am a little broke to go to town, what do I wear? What time is it? Are you taking me out as your girl? I knew I was a turn off as he replied “let’s talk about it when we meet’’. Unajua F2? We continued chatting. Mimi huisikia tu lakini sijawai itumia (I thought he meant P2). Apana, ile club classy iko stage. (No, I mean the classy club at stage). After my confession not to know the place, he promised to take me there before I gave him heads up that clubbing is not my thing, and that mum warned me about it. He suggested that we chill at my place or at his place but his place was the most viable since according to my black lies, I live with my cousin who is a staunch Christian. We agreed to meet at 8p.m chill at his place before proceeding to fresher’s night. When I arrived to pick him at Ngeria hall 3 I was quick to notice how he welcomed me with bedroom eyes.

Did we proceed for the fresher’s night? What happened behind the scenes of Ngeria Hall 3? Find out this coming week.


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