As long you will be thinking, why not think BIG anyway, said a wise entrepreneur.

Have you ever attended a lecture where you are a backbencher, the lecturer is manufacturing, swallowing and then closing for (kufungia) words? If no, I wanna drop an application to your school, if yes, that makes the two of us as that was my situation today morning. I don’t blame such lecturers much because my history of losing in blame game is real; besides, front seats are ours for the taking. For people like us who are frequently absent-minded, we must obey the commandment: front seats are for the present minded. Given my situation, writing notes was out of the options as straining my ears was the worst idea: let me spare this for Jesus’ coming as I wait to hear my name in the book of life.

The best idea came along and happiness was all over. I decided to check on some last night chats; I had been very high on life a thing that was well reflected in my chats. Here is what I found, conversation between me and hater (that’s what I’ve saved him).

Hater: Sasa Hottie

Me: Po asana coldie.

Hater: I am cold hearted? Anywaiz, habari ya kupotea?

Me: Sijawatch news siku mingi, nitajulia habari wapi?

Hater: Sikujua wewe mi fala.

Me: Bado umenoa, hujajua kwa sababu I.D. yangu inasoma Wairimu Mumbi Karugu.

Hater: Kwani leo tuko date gani? Unanyesha?

Me: Haha…date? Kama lunch ni `inbox’ na venue ni simu, tuko date. About kunyesha….sitaki nicknames, mimi si mvua.

Hater: Wewe una shida, your replies are pathetic…like those of a one year old. By tha, Uko class?

Me: Shida? Tema hiyo mate. I think niko middle class lakini nikipata Nissan note nitakuwa promoted to the wealthy class.

Hater: Sasa wewe kwenu ni wapi?

Me: Mbinguni brathe, mwimbaji alisema duniani ni kupitia tu.

Hater: You need divine intervention

Me: No wonder Pope is come to Kenya FYI

Hater: I rest my case.

Me: Wooi…it died? My condolences….I write eulogies BTW at a fee.

I don’t know what you are thinking right now and it’s okay, let me know in the comment box.

Normally, my pal would bring up the cliché `bhangi si glucose’ but I was high on life…who said a man can only be high on weed?




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