It has been two awesome weeks. The days were good and the nights the best; I didn’t know life was so promising until I met the last two weeks. Good morning!! How have you been?



Last time you looked at Mission Possible something appeared in the mirror, the newest nickname in town `dame wa ocha’ (lady from the village). Only PHD students majoring in NICKNAMING and CHEATING can pull out such; Dan is the class representative in that PHD Class. So after nicknaming Girl B, he went out to receive her call and was quick to say in a low tone `hey, I’m in a meeting, can I call back later?’ “No,’’ said girl B, “we shook hands 3minutes ago, I’m lying at your bed and if the meeting you’re talking about is the one in here, get your ass back because we are already a quorum’’. Confused on what to say, he hang up by concluding that that was a wrong number.



Dan came back with a confused mood written all over his face. Two 1st year ladies had joined us in the name of looking for Dan; they were bitter after realizing that they were sharing a man. Hint: his name is Dan. For heads up sake, Girl B has DRAMA QUEEN Skills and she could not hold her anger.




Wrong number huh? Look at you player, what did you do to these freshers, what lies did you feed them, what did you nickname them? You are one fake man, faker than the China phone you are using, the games you’re playing are way below the belt, and they would be most suitable for play stations. Download girl chase and play with your China phone. And don’t forget cookie chase…the one you tried playing with Mumbi, remember? She is a fourth year by the road, funny how you were not smart enough to ever realize that. One more thing before I adjourn the meeting you piece of trash, `pick up your China phone and apologize to each one of us via a phone call as we stand right here.’ Or what? Dan asked. Or we will all scream from this very room and you won’t like the makeup story behind it. You’re lucky I’m no `yukuki’, otherwise, money would have been a better apology. One by one, Dan did some `okoa jahazi’ transactions and did as instructed. It was the funniest 30 minutes of my life, the way we were in control, the way he apologized, the words he used, his confusion. Ha ha ha ha. I ended the speech with, ` Dan, it was good doing business with you; you are one hell of an actor’.




Dan oh Dan. who is laughing now.

I’m not sure that was my mission in the first place but teaching that man a lesson was enough fulfillment.



If I told you that these episodes only happened in my mind but not in reality, would you congratulate the creativity? That’s what I’m telling you now. The part of me being confused for a fresher was all real and I thought, why not make a series of episodes out of it, test my creativity, have something on the table every week while entertaining my readers. I experienced some of these episodes while in first year though and wished to do it in writing one day, thanks God that it has come to pass             #MISSION POSSIBLE.



Until next time, let’s meet here. Keep reading, keep commenting, keep sharing and most importantly, keep critiquing.





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