I currently read a `dear Max’ letter from Mark Zuckerberg to her new born daughter and I longed for the day my own daughter/son will come. Until then, I will keep updating this letter to him or her.


Right now your father must be somewhere in the world looking for me and he is obviously having a hard time because it’s like looking for a sober person in `Mojos’. One day one time he will find me, we will find each other, and that will probably be a happy moment for me; it will be a strategic step ahead of bringing you into this world. My happier moment is when he sings me `you look so beautiful in white’ by Shane Filan as we walk down the aisle and wish that you fall in love like your dad and I did. The happiest moment will be when I conceive and finally hold you in our arms. Lord, MAY this come true someday!!!


It’s because of your arrival that friends and relatives we’ve not seen since new millennium will show up with infinite gifts and it’s gonna be all Christmas. I will want to be with you all day until you start going to school; I must have loads of money to do so and provide for our family. For that reason, I’m hoping to establish businesses and get sleep money while creating opportunities and employment for other people. Hope is not a strategy though, that’s why I’m working tirelessly to make this happen. You will crawl and then walk; will you make it easy for me by not messing around? My mum told me I made it easy for her only 5hours, hope this is not inbred.


Your first struggle and pain will be experienced when you teeth begin shooting and this will just be the beginning of life and its relatives. I hope that you effortlessly like school so that you can be a role model to your siblings. I will introduce you to God, to Christianity, to reading the bible, to praying, God knows you will be a better Christian than us (your dad and me). We want to testify of `bring up your child in the ways of the Lord and when they grow up, they will not depart from them’.


You will have friends and haters, and how you deal with them will greatly affect the story of your life. Not everyone who says is your friend means it; some are at it for selfish gains. They will befriend you to have a share of the sweet `mukimo’ I’ll have prepared for you, to help you `eat’ your pocket money, and many others. You will however experience true friendship but it’s not going to be a smooth walk with these ones; nothing good comes easy. Life will teach you that you have to have conflicts with your BFF to bring you closer, that you have to lose a loved one to realize that you never know the meaning of someone until you lose them, that you have to get mad at your pals to reveal your real character. About your haters, try as much as possible not to hate them back although this is better said than done. It takes sacrifice, positive mindset, perseverance to achieve this, it’s not something you do overnight, NO!!! Remember that even though you fill your instagram with a million #flawless, you are not exactly flawless.


Your dad and I will take you to the best schools, trust me Moi University is not one of them. While you are there, have in mind that your potential is infinite, please live by that phrase. Take education seriously, it reduces chances of you being a fool you know. We will help you in identifying a talent; talent is the most paying job (Mumbi, 2015) #entrepreneurship 101. Whichever talent you will have, count on our undying support and please try to balance that with education. School is good; make friends, interact with new people, learn new skills, be active, develop good manners. Maybe at some point you will misbehave and the teacher asks me to accompany you, trust me, I will be for the right side, so ensure you are not in the wrong.


I know you will know about technology before you are three, and that’s okay; being technology savvy is a threshold for successful people honey. You will demand high-tech gadgets which we shall provide on condition they do not rule your life. We are social beings not tech beings so the minute we realize that the gadgets are more of a destruction than a spice to your social life; coercive power will come in handy. You will keep in touch with friends via chatting, video calls, and flirt, may be sexchat, but pray that I get to know about the sexting part because we will have some adult talk.


There is something called peer pressure; you will hear it every time during guidance and counseling classes; it’s a poison pill. This pill may introduce you to abusing drugs, disrespecting people, quitting school, missing exams, cheating and even engaging in sexual activities. It’s something you cannot fail to face but good news is you can avoid it by standing for yourself. If you feel something isn’t right, don’t do it; but again, this is better said than done. That is why you should keep good company, talk to us when faced with a quagmire, have a mentor you can talk to; it’s never a smooth road, bumps are inevitable. While at it, you will want to experience love like your dad and I did, have a fiancée, and that’s human; LOVE is the most awesome thing. Your heart will be broken, you will have rebounds, and through Christ who strengthens us, your true love will come.


Too bad I cannot give you advice on matters of the aisle and being a wife but I promise to keep you informed as the ladder keeps getting higher. LOVE YOU TO INFINITY.





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