She was the most obedient girl I knew, a girl who walked in the ways of the Lord, a hard worker. As much as college comes with many temptations, she has never tasted alcohol nor smoked. She may have gotten lighter; it’s the influence of proper diet and happiness. Indeed, much can be said but we thank God for this degree that she worked TIRELESSLY for.


Graduation speeches are the most sugarcoated speeches. They are done in black & white papers with the content being 90% black and 10% white. Want evidence? Show up on your friends’ graduation and listen to the speeches with both ears and if possible, add a 3rd ear. Pretend to be capturing moments and record; take the video. Expect cajoling from nearly everyone who gives a speech and remember graduations’ theme is `praise me or shut up’. By the way, I’m not sure mine will be any different anyway.


The fakest part is that gratitude part where girls will thank all those who contributed to her success but SPONSORS. In our generation, some ladies invented a new course in sponsorship whose units include survival, living big, how about I provide the print out of the entire course outline? As men continue struggling with the sportpesa business, some ladies are busy spotting the pesa.


Ladies and men want finer things in life only that the standards of society have made many believe that ladies have easier ways out of acquiring them. When I told Mark how broke I was, he told me that he doesn’t believe a girl can get broke; not in this Kenya, not with all the shortcuts!!! The internet has made it stress-free for people to connect be it for love, convenience, money and even theft. Take this bevy of girls who have influenced each other that with sugar daddies on their side, they can kiss brokenness goodbye, become Woolworths regulars, forget the interiors of matatus, and generally enjoy hedonism. They want to experience life on fast lane. I’m not sure what they give in return but we are on the same line of thought: adventure to the putty, company….yes.


Sponsors are sweet; without them these ladies would not be on instagram. When he met her, she had that `bonyeza’ phone that is a noisemaker by appearance; she shopped at Gikomba, her weave lasted at least 3months, she lived in a single room, cajoled `makangas’ if she did not succeed in bargaining fare, madondo-chapo was her favorite, and her `sukuma twende’ shoes only went on holidays during bedtime. After meeting him, she becomes a religiously shindig lady doing expensive wines, designer attires become part of her, she visits the beauty spa at least thrice weekly, and her life meets a swanky roundabout. Her photos are beautifully taken; wonder if she thanks that Iphone 6plus he bought him.



That Sponsorship course is grounded on a very descript theory. It argues that it beats logic why a lady would push with a guy who is financially disabled. The argument is that this guy may break your heart and even disappear with your woofer and it’s the lady on the losing end. On the contrary, the sponsor may leave the current lady for a more beautiful one but thankfully; she can cry into her 2015 Audi A3.


NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY. Some of these ladies may be living at the moment which is pretty okay but there is this term: FUTURE. There are high chances of the sponsor marrying you: on condition a pig flies. Just like that, the men you let watch your back are now balling with the girls’ who had their woofers taken away. They worked hard and can now enjoy those designer clothes which may not necessarily be Kenyan made. After some years, you realize that your sponsorship course was a degree which took 4 or so years depending on how brilliant you are in the game. You can no longer maintain that lifestyle sadly, and no matter how good you speak in tongues to the sponsors, they seem deaf. Some are already back to their countries, others got saved and found their way back to the wives, others don’t consider you beautiful anymore, and that’s how you are on you losing end.


It’s never too late to change though. You can build an empire, you can still enjoy designer clothes, and you can do all those things: without the sponsors. When the thought of a sponsor strikes you, think of how you can get creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial with the other resources at your disposal. It may take years to get there which isn’t interesting but you’ll have built a future; not a temporary solution. Those who still believe in the theory can continue living up to it….we need stories to write anyway….ahem!!!! I hope this could touch just one lady taking the sponsorship course…just one.







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