It’s morning, you are in that  sexy red lingerie. You wake up next to him. He with a belly that takes up ¾ of the bed space. How did it happen? How did you find yourself there? He is fast asleep and next to his ass is a receipt on the table that reads Zooni lodge Ksh. 6,500. He paid that much for one night; that much. You pick up your phone to please your eyes with last night’s photos where you were in that club draining that 30ml Remy martin XO. The whole world must know you are a baller; that you are rolling big; with a man with a big belly (no, he is never in the pictures). It takes you long enough to determine the best pics; the one that captures the Remy martin XO; your tiny little dress, the car keys, your 6-inch stilettos, and your human hair. The whole world must know that you are a classic woman, Instagram will be the messenger.



Girls envy you; they wish they would join your league. Young men just `kula kwa macho’ (feast with eyes) because they are out of your league; you are high maintenance. Some have the balls to ask the company you are working for so that they also apply for a job there. You avoid that question like plague and just say: ni biz tu nafanya (I am just doing business). You cannot reveal the details; you cannot reveal him; he may be his uncle, her father, or his grandfather.



A pang of guilt cuts through you and triggers the idea of leaving him, of calling it quits. And then what? You resume job hunting; blowdry becomes your new hairstyle; you resume `gikomba’ visits; legend becomes your new drink. Your dream phone becomes infinix. And the ugliest of all, Instagram will recognise change of class; it will scream to everyone; they will start wondering; downgrading you.



Do you want all that? Not when there is a shortcut: HIM. He who has a beautiful wife with a state of the art bungalow at Karen. He who has 4 kids studying in International schools. He who resembles your father. He who is the age of your uncle, your father’s elder brother. He who knows not exercise, his belly tells it all.



But you cannot leave him for that young man. The one who is doing sales job for Madison Insurance; the one who lives in a one-bedroom at Rongai; the one who takes lunch at Imbis fish and chips; the one who buys his shirts at Kirinyaga road; the one who shares a mzinga bill with his friends; the one who boards a train to town to avoid spending on bus fare. The one who has big dreams of getting a better job and later establishing his company; his spirit is hard times don’t last. He thinks you can be an ideal girlfriend that you guys can start small and grow big. It may take longer but you will get there. And what do you do? You ignore him, look down upon him, ask for 5k to do your hair just so he lacks and you start killing him with words like `you cannot even provide salon money’ hang on to your dreams.



He gives up and moves on with life. He watches you from a distance because he knows one-day reality check will materialize. That big bellied man is not yours forever. He is yours for 3months before he starts thirsting for younger girls. Who said you will remain young forever? After all is said and done, you will realize that shortcuts are just cuts that cut your life. Your CV will have nil achievements, or will you add Remy martin as an achievement? That young man will have actualized his dreams with a beautiful young girl. You will start looking for him to connect you for jobs, but he will be nowhere to be found. Karma is a bitch. What’s better? Have it easy now and cry later or struggle now and enjoy the fruits forever? Do the maths. `HESABU NI YAKO’.


16 thoughts on “SEXY RED LINGERIE

  1. Ngash says:

    hit the damn nail on the head. Tell them girl. Good times comes at a cost – hard way or easy way. the choice is your’s.

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