Times are changing, people’s standpoints are changing, but the need for employment remains to be at stand still. Few years ago, not very long ago, when generation Y, the children of baby boomers, was being conceived, the journey of job hunting was a bit friendly and people reached to their destinations just as fast. There were not so many universities hence not so many graduates unlike 2015 where getting an undergraduate certificate is almost equivalent to owning a mobile phone. This has translated to job flooding as nearly everyone has the papers. Employers are sometimes on the horns of confusion on whom to call for the interview and later offer the job to but then they got smarter. They realized that most graduates are half baked, and to get the top crème, they re-strategized their way of doing things. According to an article `why firms are absorbing new talent’, employers are no longer bringing on board just graduates but those who are able to think freely. They are keen on independent thinkers who are experimental and can widen creativity as opposed to theory, armchair conformists.

The first step to getting a job is being called to a job interview. It is the resumes (C.V. and cover letter) that you take to the employer that determines whether you are to be called for the interview.  Early this year as I was hunting for attachment, one lady whom my letter was forwarded to claimed that my C.V. was poorly done which come to think of it was true. Could that be the reason why it was hard getting an attachment? Was it a turn off to the employers? After attending a conference where we were enlightened on how to qualify for a job interview, I established the root problem of why most of us do not qualify.

Most graduates will be so hungry to get a job and start earning, they will hope and wish to be an employee of Price Water Coopers, Deloitte, KPMG, name them but the ugly truth is that HOPE IS NOT  A STRATEGY. You need to be called for that interview, let your Curriculum Vitae stand out, let it catch the eye of the employer; let her or him be attracted by your ability to think freely, let it go beyond the receptionist. Most of us are lazy and will borrow our friend’s C.V’s then edit a bit and finally expect to be called for that interview. If you are not willing to invest your time and money in doing that C.V. and cover letter, what makes you think the employer is willing to invest his too?

On this note, A3 writers (my writing company) does C.V.s for anyone; you only need to provide us with the credentials and keenly and smartly, the best C.V. is produced. We are up-to-date with what the employers are looking for and what will make the C.V. and cover letter stand out to earn you the highest points to being called to the job interview. As an added service, we provide guidance for C.V. and cover letter updates as well as help you prepare for the interview. In matters pocket, work with us and see VALUE for your money!!!!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step; get your C.V. done by top crème professionals; BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

There are discounts rates on the table once you do a referral.

call, text, whatsapp, viber 0714 535 246 or email I will be the quickest to reply.



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